The Virtuous Woman and Natural Law of the Family

Society’s transformation of the family has negatively affected the roles of father’s, mothers, and children and their relationships toward one another along with their God-given nature as a union. Rebuilding the family through natural law make stronger communities, and a better society.

Dec 26, 2022 - 14:11
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The Virtuous Woman and Natural Law of the Family

Circumstances of society place women in the work force, but to work is the natural state of the man. God cursed man to till the ground and He cursed women to bare her child in sorrow. For women to attend to the duties of working is against God’s natural plan. Working requires too much time away from the woman’s natural purpose of nurturing the child. 

This, in turn, creates a false characteristic in the woman that assumes a natural characteristic of the man, which is provider. Now, today, it is a social dishonor if a woman is not working. It is normal to see her with two kids and no husband, normal for her to be with no one at all, and becoming normal to see her with another woman, something society and the government forces upon humanity and that some churches have accepted. 

Well, none of these things is normal by nature. They are consequences of a society gone astray. A society without a God conscience, one without a clear view of nature, and quickly denying its creator, and it trickles down to each individual in any given class of life.

With so many working women and millions of emotionally deprived children—not to mention the numerous amounts of weakened mental images of God [men] who have been robbed or bamboozled out of their natural state of provider, reduced to equal partners in responsibility—today’s picture of the family looks like something from a nuclear polluted ocean. 

It is scary to think that the traditional family, or even the natural purpose of God, is so easily replaced by His own creation. For a divorced or single mother to take a job because of the neglected responsibility of the man is understandable. This woman must provide for her child, but she should always seek the counsel of God. She should involve herself in a comfortable church home that will monitor her condition. 

The fatherless and widows have always been a top priority with God so the leaders of the church should monitor the well-being of any fatherless and widowed family unit. The guidance and mentoring by church leaders would supplement the loss of the male role in her and her child’s life. 

But, instead of looking to the church for this supplement, women just assume not to need this supplement. And after the destruction of a commitment, and possibly two or three other disappointing tries at a relationship, women give up on the male figure altogether. This is one variable toward independence.

However, there is another persuasion of women coming along in society. They do not choose marriage and children—which is the natural curse of God on them—but they would rather go straight to college after high school and afterward pursue a career and once they establish their own foundation, they may seek out a family life. 

By this time, the woman has become so self-sufficient that her husband (that she would choose, not God’s choice for her) could never fulfill his role given to him by nature. She makes enough money to support both them and their children if necessary. He could stay home and raise the kids, and this mentality is becoming politically correct in society and in the church; a man who is sensitive enough to assume the role of the woman, and by today’s standards, this is the new definition of a man. Moreover, it is sad to say that many men now believe this rendition of what he is supposed to be and many churches support this.

People would call the traditional ways of family living old-fashion. That is, man work, woman stay home and rear the children. Yet, this was the plan from the beginning. This is how each gender is equipped to perform in life. 

However, the roles have reversed. Even children have added responsibilities, freedoms, and rights. They are taking care of themselves at younger ages and stripped of their childhood. To justify this default in child rearing, society accepts new scientific studies that show children are developing faster and can make decisions quicker because of new age technology. 

In place of the mother, society has created learning centers that take children from early as six-weeks old so the mother can pursue a career. The times are faster so solutions are quicker and easier. Fast food replaces the home cooked meal just as day cares replace the mother figure. Child support laws replace the father’s providing duties. Alimony and divorce laws replace love and marriage. 

Money dictates who is in control, not only in the free-market, but also in the home, and many marriages breakup because of money problems. All this confusion because people refuse to accept the natural order of life; because they see nature as a threat to their own self-image, and the church is conforming to this image.

Men are just as much to blame in this societal mess as women. They are giving over their responsibilities to the woman. Wimps, one might say; lack of knowledge and respect for God’s Word. Absence of the male role model in the home is more frequent, thus reducing the duties of the man’s role. No longer passed down from generation to generation and because each generation adapts a newer and more liberal form of the family, the man’s role loses its definition as time goes on. 

Men in the far future will probably be full-blown women in their roles. The physical characteristics will be the same but the God-given mentalities will be feminine. The same goes for women. Eventually, the true nature of humanity will be only a joke and the church will not be able to revive it because the church laughs along with the world.

For sure, thousands of women do not want their lives this way. They would rather be with their children than on a job. Then there are women who have a husband that may be willing to provide for her, yet she chooses to work. They have been brainwashed by new age society. Blessed enough to have a man willing to provide for them (if that is so), the opportunity to stay home and rear their children with love and attention, yet they choose not to accept their role. 

Their image and independence as a woman, or maybe financial troubles drive them from the home. In almost every situation of this sort, people will hear an excuse why the woman is working, such as needing extra money for the cost of high-priced private school choices. Yes, times are hard, the cost of living is higher than most wages, and a family without God in their plans will definitely be victims to society’s role-reversal game. 

Furthermore, the husbands who allow their wives to abandon her family have forgotten their places in nature, and their Creator. They too, are victims of society’s illusions and preachers do nothing to remind them of their role.

To achieve the American dream today can be extremely stressful to a family. Expected to buy a home, have two cars and a comfortable bank account, and unless the man is making a six-figure income, the dream could become far-fetched. Statistics now show that women graduating from college have begun to exceed men. As stated earlier, eventually, women will be the providing forces in America, heading all the households. 

This scenario is common even within the church, where women are the family’s providing force. The reason is obvious; it is that church families must now work twice as hard as worldly ones to keep their tithing records and credit ratings up to date. The saying is, “it takes two to make it” but this saying is only an illusion planted by society. 

If a family respects and practices God’s plan for the family they would not live by this. If they understood their roles and abided by them, they would not need two incomes; neither would their children behave abnormally. Christians, especially, are confused; so entrenched in the prosperity movement set before their eyes that their families cannot matter anymore.

Many women feel cast down by society, and by men, and restrained to government dependency. Then, after their self-esteem is lost and their life is half over, the government and the corporate world tells them that they do not need a man to make it; we (the government) will help in gaining a life among us. 

Many women in this situation may turn to the church but the church is no better, it is just like society under government restraints, like the pastor who teaches the women in his congregation to start businesses and to be self-sufficient. This pattern destroys the family and in the mist of this indoctrinated thought process, the children see a picture of the man as the cause of their problems.

Singers write songs upholding the mother. Hollywood stereotype images of the father figure to disgrace, and the youth of America have adapted a violent demeanor. The traditional family, where the man provides for the wife and kids, and the woman stays home to raise them, is scarce in America. No matter how uncommon or eccentric this picture may be, it is still God’s plan for them both, the male and the female. 

If they both accept the role, a strange yet void-filling happiness captures them all. Love and morality would prevail over the material, self-centered illusions that tear our families apart. People could experience the happiness of love and morality if churches taught it.

The husband has the responsibility of supporting the family with the necessities of life and the wife is responsible for emotionally securing the family, building character in each of them. A woman’s heart is equipped to care for her family in the way of comfort and assurance. 

Love fuels her heart, which in turn permeates through to the souls and minds of the husband and children. This love empowers them to endure the outside forces of society, be it at work or school. If the devil attacks them while out there, they can find comfort in the arms of a loving wife and mother. 

While the father instills integrity, responsibility, and discipline within the being of the family by example, the mother sprinkles in the ingredients of love, sensitivity, and kindness, which brings forth a family rich in character and morality, enabling them to contribute to society a concept begotten of God.

A woman of God should allow the natural affections of God to shape her inner beauty. This means empowering the soul with the love of God through constant prayer. Her outward appearance should be the least of her concerns, although reasonably modest. Any type of makeup used to enhance her outward appearance is only a mask to cover the insecurities of her womanhood. 

Because of the standards of society, this is the only image of a woman that she knows. Lack of the knowledge of God’s will for the woman in her role in life leaves many women victims of society’s illusions. Churchwomen assume that God accepts their outward beauty as a show of respect. They think that dressing up nice and decent wins extra approval of God, not realizing that this is only a standard of the world. 

Looking decent and clean shows respect to oneself and others and is a personal desire. What God respects is a virtuous woman on the inside. “Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price” (1 Peter 3:3, 4).

One preacher, while he was broadcasting his radio program, made the tackiest remark probably ever made by a preacher. He was attempting to teach the congregation that the old, traditional way of worship is no longer necessary: where men wear suits and women wear dresses. 

The reason he taught this was to convince the believers that there is a new church coming along, more liberal that allows new ideas, and he used the “God is doing a new thing” theory (Isaiah 43:19) to justify how he was about to alter the Scriptures. Nevertheless, he said to the congregation, and to the entire radio audience, “thank God for makeup.” 

The remark was irresponsible and vulgar because it insulted the women who wore makeup and possibly those who felt they needed it. Then he said “God said for women to adorn themselves,” which is a scripture he paraphrased from in 1 Peter 3:3, the one above. The scripture in 1 Peter does not encourage women to wear makeup but discourages it, yet he twisted it to fit his teaching. 

This is how the devil operates; he chooses words and takes them out of context to prove a lie. If any of the women or men in the congregation recognized this deception and was offended, they should have walked out. Not only was it false doctrine, but in bad taste.

In the case of women pastors, if a woman is supposed to be meek and quiet, (according to the above scripture) how can they, in good conscience, raise their voice in authority over a congregation of believers? And how can they find the time to lead a flock and assist their husbands in co-pastoring a church if their purpose is to raise the family?

"The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed" (Titus 2:3-5).

Older women in the church may have experience of life that can be shared as a testimony to others, but why are they not teaching the young women the things young women need to know as the Bible says? They are preaching to congregations of people and leading flocks because they assume that men have gone astray. Part of this is true. Men have gone astray by listening to the concepts of society. 

They live up to the role that society has stereotyped them in, as negligent men and fathers, failures of being decent role models for our children. More women are assuming the roles of preachers, evangelist, and church leaders. They have incorporated society’s ills and mistakes within the church world. Instead of concentrating on the younger women and their families, as they should, women are assuming the man’s role.

Because of a neglect to teach the values of the traditional family to younger women, or even what the natural role of the woman is, young women feel they do not need a man and that the family is whatever, or whoever wants to be a part of it. They do not possess the affectionate qualities of the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 because they are beginning to model themselves after the strong, independent woman image. 

They are self-sufficient, authoritative, and equal to the male image of God. Taking on the responsibilities that come with rearing a child or children alone; too entangled with creating an impression of success to the world, women misunderstand what it really means to raise a child. In place of attention, comfort, and nurturing as attributes of rearing a child, they think that financially supporting them is being a good mother, or placing them in quality day cares, or sending them to expensive private schools is giving them a good life. 

They believe that buying them whatever they want and feeding them whatever they want and allowing them to make their own decisions at an early age gives the child an advantage in the world. 

A father figure excluded from the picture of the family instills false notions of the man to the child. If the child is a girl, then she will grow to never trust a man or will be too naive to his advances and tactics of flattery. If the child is a boy, he will never know the true characteristics of a man; the responsibility or the discipline, and either he will have no respect for women or will be forever subservient in the presence of one.

Women of God are attending to the wrong matters and the men of God are falling to the intrusion. Men have weakened to the demands of women, to where women are assuming their roles. But we know that in these last days every evil under the sun will spring forth when given the slightest opportunity. 

One reason for these evils, besides the love of money, is the misconception of God’s purpose for the male and female gender roles. This new illusion created by society is strong enough to take a stand inside the churches of God. It alters the true meaning of worship and complicates the answers to many questions. 

The strength and happiness of a wife and mother comes from her fulfilling her place as a woman. If she has no spouse and does have a child, she should seek support and guidance from the church. If she has no children or spouse, and desires one, then she should wait on the Lord to espouse her to the right man. 

A woman should never give up on human nature and God’s plan for humanity, but trust in what she sees by nature. Any woman who knows she does not have a need for a companion should give her time to teaching younger women how to love their families and at no time should any woman lose faith in the male image of God because of past experiences or because of society, but continue to trust in His perfect plan.

The family is a natural union in life and protected under the laws of love. Women are the soul of our families and their warm hearts open locked doors in our emotions that permit our dreams to run free. The heart of the woman enhances the mind of a man. If that heart is pure and fashioned after a godly sort, then any man could exceed to the full potential of his God-given gifts. 

The joy of a man’s heart is his children, and children who possess a mountain of love will succeed in life without any added role from society. True, the woman deserves respect for her contributions to the world, but if she receives that respect for being an equal to the man, where will she get the respect for her true role as a female?

Different situations force women into various duties in life, and many times the situation may be unfair, but to resort to the theologies of society will only complicate the situation. The best remedy for a woman in an unfair position in life, who has experienced an emotional devastation by a bad relationship, would be to seek for God’s comfort. 

The Lord Jesus Christ is a protector of the fatherless and the widows even when the church has neglected them. He knows the trouble women are facing in these last times and it is no wonder so many of them are stronger than most men, nevertheless, a woman is still a woman. Powered by the nurturing of God, they can make or break a man’s true essence.

If a woman truly wants a good man, she must be willing to supply that man with her strongest attribute, which is love. Being honest and open with natural affections may sometimes lead to heartbreak, but holding back could hinder a blessed opportunity at love. Trust in God’s love. 

Many women are selling themselves short by living up to sexual reflections of their societal portrayed character. They live up to expressing their beauty through the outward appearance instead of what they have naturally and this sends negative illusions to the egotistical minds of men who do not know themselves who they are. Women are as natural as the Earth. 

If society could paint the Earth purple to cause it to doubt itself, they would. But that which is natural can always be known by what is underneath the surface of deception. Women are a lovely creation and always adorned by love from the Lord, but without knowing her purpose, a woman can never be the blessing she really is.

Churches that take on the roles of society and infiltrate the body of Christ with secular mentalities do nothing but distort the purpose of Christ and God. It may seem as though the church is doing the right thing because of all the members and financial success, but in general, the inside of the heart is not right with God. If there is no natural spirituality within the hearts of the believers who make up the church, then there is no real church, but an imitation of what is in the world. 

The love of money is the root of all evil and the effects of it trickles down into the smallest areas of our lives, including the woman’s hearts, the man’s mind, and the child’s behavior. When preachers teach anything contrary to what the Bible says, simply for the sake of their own lust, they are not worthy of the blessings of God, but of a reprobate mind.