The Next Time Age is a World Without God

In man’s new world, there is no need for God because man will become the ultimate answer for humanity. Whoever rises first with the best answer to the world’s problems, will become the new god, and he will require all on earth to view him as such.

Dec 26, 2022 - 13:07
Jan 1, 2023 - 14:25
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The Next Time Age is a World Without God

History tells stories of different time ages, such as the age of the dinosaurs, the age of early man, the old, ancient world of Kings and princes; the time of the warlords, Greek gods and gladiators. There are periods of time that we as a generation cannot comprehend such as far back as the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, or the Industrial Revolution.

These blocks of time are spaced so far apart that we cannot imagine what it would be like to live in any other age other than this one, the age of technology, modern medicine and global mobility. So, imagine for a moment what the next time age will be like.

As history reveals, time ages shift and build upon one another after a major advancement in human discovery or sometimes a geological or even climatical fluctuation in nature. Regardless of how and when the shift occurs, humanity adapts either willingly or by force. Depending on humanity’s imagination and intents, the technology used by man at any given period in time, gives a peek into the next age. 

The technological stage of humanity today is gauged using a dire method called the Doomsday Clock. “The Clock has become a universally recognized indicator of the world’s vulnerability to catastrophe from nuclear weapons, climate change, and disruptive technologies in other domains.”

Given man’s state of mind today, scientist have basically concluded that humanity is at death’s door. This theory could be completely accurate considering the level of satisfaction man is enjoying juxtapose to the lack of innovation where human progress is concerned, i.e., man does not have any ideas left to advance humanity, and instead, have began to spiral backwards toward a primitive state of mind engulfed in pleasure. Because apparently, today’s technology has outpaced human intuitiveness.

This lackadaisical mentality fused with his most basic instincts; greed, power, and violence, leaves humanity at the mercy of a handful of bored world leaders with deep-seated grievances and itchy trigger fingers. With an arsenal full of his most accomplished scientific feat - nuclear missiles –created as a defense and deterrence against his most feared enemies, the world sits at the doorstep of a devastating image of the next time age.

Aside from a nuclear catastrophe misunderstanding or another climatical shift of the earth, what is more fearful is the possibility that man is hastening along the next age out of sheer boredom or a form of psychopathological curiosity. With his finger on the button, the earth and humanity are looking at a new age real soon. Unfortunately, man has no idea what he is beckoning for.

Acknowledging the psychosis of man, we will withdraw the concept of Divine intervention and Bible prophesy, or the percentages of an asteroid slamming into the earth, which leaves us with man alone. Based on this being, it is inevitable that man will destroy himself and the earth. Whether it be by polluting the earth beyond repair until it coughs up the poison man has dumped into it, or if man ignorantly decides to launch bombs at one another, the end is near.

Once it happens, a large portion of the earth will become uninhabitable. The aftermath of nuclear explosions will block the sun light for months maybe years, which will cause the trees and grass to die, oceans, rivers, and lakes to dry up and corrode, and animals to die and rot on the ground. This will bring disease, pestilence, and sickness to the people who were not affected by the nuclear blast.

No more electricity, except in certain parts where wealth resides. No more world-wide Internet, no more weekend shopping, dining, or vacations. Work and employment will transform into what the people need right away as opposed to what they want. People will seek endless comfort in drugs, sex, alcohol and other forms of revelry. At least until order is restored.

What is left of man’s state of mind will retreat into tribes and survival mode, which will unleased the most heinous kinds of cultural and racial warfare in history. Think crime is high now? What is left of the governments of the world will scramble to reorganize and rebuild and a police state and Martial law will reign. People will no longer believe in or even look to any Divine inspiration or type of God; they will curse the heavens and wish to die instead of living in this new hell. 

But in man’s new world, there is no need for God because man will become the ultimate answer for humanity. Whoever rises first with the best answer to the world’s problems, will become the new god, and he will require all on earth to view him as such. No longer will religion be a burden to the mind or any of the newly formed nations. There will be only one to believe in, and that will be the man or nation that saves the world.

This being, however, will require allegiance in case of any other uprising from another. It will need to know who is who and since technology will no longer be a viable asset in recognizing people by face, it will require a physical mark on the outward parts of the body or a card to carry on the person ready for immediate display, in order to roam free in this new world.

People will die gruesome deaths every day. Murdered, beaten, stolen, enslaved, raped and exploited by people who were once their neighbors. This will last for years as the world rebuilds from another form of primitivity. However, all those who died on impact and who never see the devastation and evil that this world brought, or those who died with the hope of God in their hearts or right before they were killed, will be those living in the peace of God’s heavenly kingdom. This is called the Second Coming, and all those that believed will be saved.