Sexual Immorality and the Sins of a Nation

One of Satan’s greatest weapons against the world is lascivious and unbridled sexuality. From the stronghold of widespread physical lust have evolved many different sins of the flesh that have wrecked individuals, families and whole nations.

Dec 26, 2022 - 13:24
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Sexual Immorality and the Sins of a Nation

One of Satan’s greatest weapons against the world is lascivious and unbridled sexuality. From the stronghold of widespread physical lust have evolved many different sins of the flesh that have wrecked individuals, families and whole nations.

Right now, in the United States government officials are pushing abortion bans and policies against homosexuality and transgenderism in a spiritual war that is much bigger than they can see. Their efforts will be meaningless unless they go to the root of the problem. They are attacking the issues separately using carnal devises without going after the root cause, which is sexual immorality from the spirit of the great whore. 

This is a spirit of, “the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:” Revelation 17:1. Meaning the spirit is worldwide. This spirit has normalized all manner of sexual immorality that leadership have ineffectively begun to fight politically using laws; unfortunately, no law can regulate individual sins. These individual sins of abortion (the termination of unwanted pregnancies), homosexuality, pedophilia, pornography, sex trafficking, rape, incest, prostitution and others, all come from the base sin of sexual promiscuity. 

Though the United States have always faced sexual immorality, this sin exploded after the 1950s and into the sixties. Housewives rose up against cheating husbands who had affairs with their secretaries and demanded respect through the protest of the sexual revolution. They bared their chest in public and offered their bodies to drug addicted vets returning from war without shame or remorse.

In the 1970s, the party scene took off along with drugs and sexuality and gained momentum in disco clubs and dark alleys throughout the country. Illegal, back-alley abortions rose after one-night stands and contraceptive use was forced through Congress as a way to curb the many unwanted pregnancies. Sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, and eventually AIDS spread without discrimination among the population, introduced by homosexual behavior among men and women.

Then came the Internet, which offered ways for men and women to hook up randomly and anonymously, strengthening the spread of sexuality, disease, and self-exploitation. Hollywood and television peddled more soft porn and sexual subjects flooding society and young minds with shamelessly sinful habits. Not only are the above sins now programmed as normal to audiences, but other off-shoots of the sins such as self-masturbation, transgender drag shows, gender transitioning, pharmaceutical drugs, books and videos on sexual positions, sex toys, social media apps specifically for exposing the body to paid subscribers have all risen.

However, there is a solution that comes from the scriptures and through the power of the Holy Ghost. “Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness.” Leviticus 19:29. This is how an entire nation can become corrupted by whoredom. It starts in the home and spreads throughout the land. So, the fight should not begin at the government level, but in the home.

Sexual impurity is like a drug. Once a person begins to spread themselves around to others sexually, it is difficult to break away from this addiction. Biologically, all people are born as virgins undefiled by sexuality. This is the strongest defense against sexual impurity. Once a person loses their virginity outside of marriage, they have been trapped by this drug and then tossed to and fro by the spirit of whoredom. In other words, a person no longer belongs to God in purity, they now belong to the devil in lust.

Parents must teach their children this theory from a young age; (and practice it themselves), that undisciplined sexual activity is all part of the sins of the flesh and a deep trap of immorality that captures the soul. It is a spirit that branches out from the first act of sexuality into all other areas of sexual sins, such as all the above. Lust can transform from male and female, to male to male and female to female. From adult to adult and to children, family members and strangers.

When money is involved, it branches out into public commercialism such as TV commercials, music, and video games, and also underground business exploitation such as prostitution, sex trafficking and slavery of others (children, women, and men), and pornography, which can also become an addition. It spreads into group sexuality (orgies and drugs), date rape, spousal swapping, fornication and adultery against neighbors’ wives and husbands. It is a sin that evolves into crime, poverty, and exploitation of others.

The few moments of physical satisfaction the act of unbridled sex offers is the main component in all the above sins. The solution to being protected against this sexual abyss is marriage. "Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband." 1 Corinthians 7:2. To enjoy those moments of pleasure with a spouse who also understands the power of love and lovemaking. Not enough is being taught, or even understood, about the benefits of sex in marriage. God has designed a level of growth and maturity in sexual relations between married couples that not many people know about. There are physical and mental health benefits as well as the concept of family bonds buried in the mystery of marriage, misunderstood by today’s so-called church leaders. 

As social practice and policy, church leaders and governments should highly incentivize the union of marriage and make sure that all couples are rewarded to build strong families. They should make laws that protect family finances, home ownership and neighborhood community building, healthcare, schooling and child rearing efforts, which all lead to a more sexually disciplined society. They should stress and teach fatherhood, motherhood and guarantee employment to as many as understand the profitability of having a family; all this to avoid any risk of unadulterated immorality.

Social and political policies should regulate Hollywood and television against sexually programmed propaganda and all other venues of sexuality explicit activity should be shunned and banned from society. No one law can bridle behavior of this magnitude unless the root cause of sexual immorality is address as a whole. Shortsighted politicians and church leaders need to start with their own homes and communities first, then encourage the nation to change.

On a spiritual level, the power of the Holy Ghost can and will break the yoke of lust from the start. Once a person receives the Holy Ghost, they understand how the sin of sexual immorality works and have no desire to become bound by the sin ever again. It is like any other physical stronghold on the flesh that can be taken away. They realize that the satisfaction of the sin only lasts a few seconds and is not worth risking their soul and body for that short amount of time and temporal pleasure. Socially and legally, they would have an incentive to stay pure and not defile themselves.

Lack of understanding of God’s law and union of marriage has been exploited by Satan throughout the world. Marriage was one of God’s first act of creation between the male and female onto procreation of offspring and should be respected on a much higher level. Unfortunately, marriage has been taken for granted and sex outside marriage has exploded bringing all manner of sexual sins worldwide.