For Those Who Do Not Believe in God

The hardest thing to do is submit your entire belief system to a force unseen and unproven simply because that belief system has been determined by man, who has no answers to things he does not understand.

Dec 26, 2022 - 13:29
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For Those Who Do Not Believe in God

“This is the covenant that I will make with them After those days, saith the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts, And in their minds will I write them;” Hebrews 10:16.

There are various degrees of unbelief where it pertains to God, and a creator of humanity. Some have cast off the entire idea of a supreme creator of mankind and erased the possibility of God. Then there are those who believe there is a higher power but do not believe in religion as practiced by man.

Likewise, there are some who reject all Holy books and documents written by man, and those who have no faith in idols, statues, or spiritual representations of anything above or beyond what they can see. Finally, there are people who reject certain aspects of spirituality such as certain doctrines, spirits, divine powers, or gifts from above, yet acknowledge a supreme being.

We will first address the most hardened unbelievers, which are those who have no belief in God or a god or anything beyond what they can see and perceive with their minds. Atheism is the label attached to these people. They fully reject the idea of a supreme being and rely wholly on the limits and boundaries of what they can reasonably understand and perceive with their minds; i.e., science, reason and logic.

Everything has a scientific explanation according to them. The sun and moon and universe; the higher atmosphere of clouds, rain and all earthly forms of life, including the concept of death. They only believe as far as the eyes can see and the mind can comprehend. This is not unreasonable for anyone seeing there is no tangible evidence of God or a god that has been scientifically documented and printed.

The problem with this logic however, is that if there is no God, then every aspect of the human experience is left to the discretion of man. And there is always the possibility that there is a God, which leaves them in a serious dilemma seeing they have cast off any possibility that God does exist. 

Devoid a belief in God leaves a person’s destiny is in the hands of man, yet at man’s highest level of knowledge there is only government rule and laws controlled by politicians and national leaders of a society, ordinances contrived by the human mind and sciences that cannot explain the deepest of life’s phenomena.

Man’s achievements in life and throughout history are merely his ability to adapt to the earths ever changing cycles and movements in connection with his capacity to survive. All his innovation and inventions are to help him maintain his life span within an atmosphere of the unknown. He has no control over his environment or the ability to change it to his pleasing; he can only endure what was here long before he was.

In his limited intelligence and knowledge of survival, he has come to the conclusion that the only things he can control is the populations of people around him. Thus, humanity has governments, laws, and ordinances of social control. The irony is that the laws by which we live are the result of an unexplained phenomena imbedded in the minds and hearts of the very population he controls, which is conduct.

Of course, we act the way we do based on what we see and need, which are resources needed for survival. These are then portioned out among the population according to what the leaders believe are fair, thus we have politics. So, people who do not believe in God have given their destinies over to man and have to rely on him for their survival and their emotional, mental, and physical needs. The difference in relying on man and on the promises of God is something they see no difference in, which is why they have eliminated God as a need. Some say, people who believe in God need that false sense of security because they cannot handle the realities of the real world.

This logic seems sensible when there is no psychical evidence of God and all the evidence of man is seen in reality. The problem is that if we hope in man only, we have chosen to ignore and erased all the unexplained phenomena we do not see or understand. Centuries of humans have knowledge of the unexplained and have documented it through writings, pictures, and theories based in doctrines of religions. Thus, the burden of proof goes both ways in proving there is or is not a God. No one can prove there is and no one can prove there is not when up against the history of written testimony.

Basically, if a person does not believe in God, they are at the mercy of man, and man becomes their god. Man, at his highest point of knowledge have concluded that the only way to provide for societies is to take what they can get by any means necessary. They have devised structures of trade, systems of currency and labor, but all these things are accomplished through never ending acts of threats of violence, control, and dominion of nations for access to the resources spread around the lands of the earth. Power, preeminence, and greed plague man with no other purpose of life except survival.

God, on the other hand, offers believers what man cannot, which is a better world, better people and better systems of governing. His world is simplistic in that it provides all the things a person needs for survival without the added threats of carnal man in his primitive being. The mystery unfolded is that this world is here and now and in the future. A person can live in this world during their life on earth alongside the world that man has provided all the while being protected from the fallout of the consequences of man’s mistakes.

In essence, life and death are a reality in both worlds and are both beyond the control of man, but how we live and die are provided by either God or man. We as humans can choose to give birth to a life and we can choose to take a life, but we cannot choose who we are, where we are born or when and how we die. These outcomes are a phenomena man cannot control nor have yet to explain. So also, are the choices of life, our destinies, and our day-to-day experiences in life. All these are dependent on who a person decides to trust. What we believe and how we conduct ourselves are based on our choice of God or man.

Universal, unwritten laws determine how we behave. Do we murder without consequences? Some do. Nevertheless, there are universal laws embedded in the human conscience and in the heart that determine our behavior. Do we steal, lie, and ignore social norms because we choose to or because there are universal laws directing our behavior? Contrary to any beliefs, the universal laws are written in our hearts and minds called the conscience by God, not man. If our consciences are directed by man, then they can be changed at any time according to what he feels is needed for survival.

Such a world is against nature because it would bring the world to chaos. Man can decree murder legal if he wants to. And in many ways, he has through war. Which is why in man’s world there is murder, theft, lying and all other inhumane behaviors that needs written law to control. But placing total trust in man to write our laws and govern our behaviors is giving him too much power. He cannot be trusted to maintain humanity if his only incentive is power and control. Man can break and change his laws as easy as he can write them. This leaves divine justice, mercy, and fairness at the discretion of man. Therefore, one person can murder, lie, steal or do whatever they want and not consider the consequences if they know there is a way out?

This is one of those unanswered phenomena. Does man make divine law, or does it come from somewhere else? Possibly through centuries of what humanity has documented as given by divine inspiration from a higher source, scribed into religious creeds and ordinances. If man can ignore those ordinances and design his own laws, we are a most miserable people on earth being at the mercy of man. His highest achievement is the ability to make war, cause destruction and institute cruelty on humanity, and give mercy to who he feels deserves it.

God, on the other hand, provides mercy beyond man’s control. He provides the needs for survival, security, justice, peace, love and companionship for those who believe he does. Unbelievers will say they also find these things without trust in God, yet, they are more vulnerable to all the evils of man’s world and more often. This is the difference between those who believe in God and those who choose not to; they cannot see a difference because they have chosen to close their eyes to the presence of God in their lives and the protections he provides those who believe.

Those who do not believe in Religion or Holy Books

These are people who choose not to believe in the religious doctrines and practices of man, however, they do believe there is something of a supreme being and a divine creator of humanity. The problem with them is this higher power is condensed into anything they believe it can be. Such as astrological supremacies; the sun, moon, stars and other entities they can see and chose to believe in. Some believe in energies and powers that guide their destinies, whether seen or unseen. They place their faith in forces of Karma, coincidences, and chance and luck to provide them with direction in life.

There is no real written law or ordinances they follow except writings scattered and written by people from the past who have experienced something other than what is in the Holy books. They too, are bound by their consciences – whether they acknowledge it or not – which is written in their hearts and minds. They adhered to man’s laws subconsciously and intertwine their beliefs into their lives each day, and they tend to veer away from normal practices of social mores and norms into their own world of reality. In essence, their destinies are unsure and at the mercy of their own faith.

Many have no faith or belief in written bibles and Holy books. They believe that man has written these books from his own knowledge and refuse to be subjected to the ideas and doctrines of man. They reject religious denominations and organizations and deem them false and misleading and beneath their understanding of the world, life, and spirituality. They believe the concept of religion has caused the world misery and pain through wars, violence, confusion and suffering thus they interpret life and death through their own eyes and spiritual connections to an alternative reality.

The problem with this understanding of humanity is there is no blueprint for others to follow and no defined outcome to the meaning and purpose of life. We all experience good and bad and we all suffer through this world of man’s laws, rules and ordinances. There remains war, and suffering and it all remains by the decree of man. Even through their understanding and practice of what they believe, nothing is different from man’s world or God’s, therefore, they offer no answers that would prove their theories as the ultimate answer to life and death, or a better world.

As stated earlier, God’s world and man’s world is different in only one true aspect. God provides protection from the world of war, violence, greed, and suffering. When a person does not believe in God, they leave their lives open to the evils of the world. Good and bad happens to us all and there is a very thin line in living though both. Faith in God is that line. If a person does not have faith in God, they have left their destinies in the hands of man. And when man has exercised his greatest evil upon the world through an unrestrained conscience, people will then realize the difference at a time too late.

People who believe in God but reject the power

These are people who believe in God, belong to a religious organization, attend church and practice the written laws of Holy books. There are many religions in the world and the confusion comes in when people do not know which religion is true and which is not. Understanding God by any means of these religions take time and study of each religion and its impact on humanity. Many religions were born out of nativity in the lands people are born to, thus they grow up in certain religions never knowing or understanding other religions.

Their understanding of God narrows, however, as they grow older and begin to study and research the different religions on their own. They are then able to choose which one they believe is right. Many people move from religion to religion until they stumble on the one they agree with. A desire to find God and understand the deepest phenomena of life is a normal desire for humans to have; therefore, is in no surprise when people devote themselves to any one religion. Instruction of life are written in these books and some people find a sense spiritual satisfaction in them also.

The concept of God is that there is a power beyond human strength that provides us the will to live and survive each day. It gives us purpose, drive and motivation to see the world as a place of human contact, life, and love. Families, friends, our duties to others around us and the pleasures of the world are gifts to enjoy while we are here until we die. Many people have found their purpose through religion and spiritual contact with God, and even in other forms of worship. But the true power of God is findable and within this very world, His world, that not many have tapped into.

Once a person taps into the powers of the world of God, they are convinced that he exist and the world around them becomes more tolerable and pleasant to live in. They understand that this life is nothing more than a precursor to what comes after death. They have seen the promise of God, his abilities and the glory he offers to those who believe. And as they live on this earth, they utilize God’s powers for good for others. Unfortunately, some people who believe in God refuse to believe in the power, which places them back within the world of man without God’s divine protection even though they acknowledge God.

God does offer a way into His kingdom through the book of the Holy Bible. Many will reject this teaching because they have chosen the other means above to find solace in their souls and to deal with the ways of the world. But none can deny that this offer was not given to them; an offer that was written by men who experienced the presence of God in ancient times. To believe in it is a small token of faith. It takes a moment of time, trust in the unknown, and the courage to try something for the first time. Below is a series of scriptures from the King James version of the Holy Bible. These passages sum up the entrance into God’s world.

“Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born? Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”

“Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” Acts 2:38.

“He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” St. Mark 16:16-18.

Reasons people reject the concept of God and religion

Life can throw serious blows to a person’s faith and trust not only in God, but also in man and humanity. The most popular reason for rejecting God is a person’s refusal to believe in the stories of the Bible, or any religious book. They find the stories elementary and cartoonist and have a problem seeing anything as real when placed in light of the real world. This is understandable because people tend to rely on what they can see and understand in their immediate minds and line of vision.

Because they have never seen waters parted or turned to blood or an ark filled with two of each animal, they find it hard to believe such things can be so. And rightly so. However, these stories are documented as being examples of the powers of God and His blueprint for humanity. Nevertheless, man has explained the beginnings of life according to his own understanding which is a great explosion in the universe, man developing from ape, and advancing into the people and beings we are today. But because no one actually documented this theory from the beginning when it happened, means we are all at step one. Where did we come from, and where will we end up?

Other doubts come from experiences in life that left us discouraged; let downs, disappointments, and tragedies that impacted our faith in God and humanity. Some see the world as an evil place of poverty, war, deceit and suffering and they have given up hope for anything other than this, so they decide to live according to the rule of survival of the fittest and strongest, leaving off humanity, justice and compassion for one another. While others do believe in humanity and treating people with respect yet are too proud to submit to the one who created the ability for compassion. Again, these people have given their souls and destiny over to man and their end will be according to their beliefs. Which is the very blackness they perceive as being here before the world began.

The sad thing is, people who have chosen not to believe in God and choose to live day-by-day under the laws of consciousness, rule of law, and governance of man are missing something they subconsciously seek but refuse to submit to. The hardest thing to do is submit your entire belief system to a force unseen and unproven simply because that belief system has been determined by man, who has no answers to things he does not understand. If there is no God then man becomes God. And if man is God, humanity is at its best right now.