Foundation Gospel Introduction

Listen to our introductory podcast and understand what we do and teach.

Gospel Music

Listen to some gospel and praise songs from our library. Rejoice in the Lord.

The Holy Ghost Challenge

The Holy Ghost Challenge is for people who sincerely desire to know God, to be saved and to change their lives.

Believers Should Not Vote, Use Credit, or Gamble

Learn some of the ungodly behaviors that believers should not take part in. Follow the scriptures in the audio.

The Power of Fasting and Prayer

Learn how to fast and pray. When to fast, how to fast, and for what reasons. And always pray when you fast.

Armageddon A Timeline to the Last Days

What will actually happen before and during the battle of Armageddon.

Africa Has Always Been In The Bosom Of God

In this study, we are going to reflect on world history and the origin of humanity and the beginning of nations.

The Next Time Age Is A World Without God

In man’s new world, there is no need for God



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