The Holy Ghost Challenge is for people who sincerely desire to know God, to be saved and to change their lives. It is not for the faint of heart or weak in spirit. The purpose is to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost in a matter of the time appointed to you. God wants to give it to you; you simply have to receive it.

Because it takes some people more time to receive it than others, the ultimate time frame is 40 days and it is a promise that a person will receive the Holy Ghost within this time frame. If they do not, they went wrong somewhere and got distracted, discouraged or hindered but they can start over or continue past the 40 days. Again, this is not for the faint in heart or spirit. It is all a matter of desire.

If a person takes the full 40-day challenge, somewhere in between they could receive the Holy Ghost and we encourage them to post what day the received and how long it took them as a personal testimony. We do not ask people to jump right in (although that is your preference), we begin by asking people to prepare for the challenge a week or two in advance.

The preparation period is so the person can adjust to all the requirements of the challenge before they go in all the way. The requirements can be harsh and some people will have a harder time adjusting than others to some of the requirements. For example, going all day and weeks without streaming video of any kind. Nevertheless, here are all the requirements:

Do each of the 7 things below every day for 40 days or until you receive

1.    Memorize and repeat The Lord's Prayer daily (in morning or evening) St. Matt. 6:9-13
2.    Fast with 1 meal a day and drink only water
3.    Read our daily encouragement email (sign up for our newsletter), or visit the Devotional page on the website
4.    Do something nice for or give something of yours away to someone (friends, family, stranger)
5.    Sit alone with God for 10 minutes and pray and ask Him 1 question
6.    No physical intimacy (even if married)
7.    Watch no television, news, social media, streaming videos or listen to secular music

There is no particular order in which to do the 7 things. This challenge will cleanse and sanctify the body and soul and prepare to receive the Holy Ghost. It helps to heal any illnesses, block out the usual worldly distractions and teaches you to focus on God and the spiritual world.

Things to do to prepare for the challenge

1.    Gather 20 things of yours to give away, 1 has to be valuable to you
2.    Doing something nice can be as simple as calling someone you have not talked to and see how they are doing.
3.    Make a vow to yourself, not God, to complete the challenge (God already knows your heart)
4.    Take a week to wean yourself into 1 meal day and no outside entertainment
5.    Find a Bible
6.    Make yourself get on your knees
7.    If married, encourage your spouse to support you or do the challenge with you to maintain the peace

Rules for the challenge

1.    If you miss one of the 7 things on any day, you have to start over from day 1
2.    Entertainment means, cable television, streaming videos (Netflix, Youtube, etc.) No radio, CDs, morning news, social media (only gospel music)
3.    Post questions, comments, progress testimonies in the group link in daily email

If after the 40 days you have not received the Holy Ghost, you will take 3 days and ask God for the Holy Ghost while praying for 1 hour each day. During those days you will slowly return to normal life by eating 2 meals a day, and having 1 hour of entertainment. This return period helps the body and mind come down from the spiritual high.


1.    If you have a medical issue, we encourage you to consult a doctor before fasting on certain foods or discontinue medication.
2.    If you do not receive the Holy Ghost, it is not God’s fault or our fault, it is something within yourself or in your life that hindered or discouraged you.

3.    You DO NOT have to start on Dec. 1 as the challenge is posted, you can start at anytime. But please document the day you start

If you have any questions or comments about the challenge, please contact us and ask. Thanks and be blessed.

Visit the 40 Day Holy Ghost Challenge Facebook group here and join.

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