Why Some People Believe They Are Saved, But Are Not

When men begin to make up easier ways of entering the kingdom of God, they begin to err from the truth of the Word.

Tithing: In the Age of Grace

Tithing in the age of Grace searches each phase of tithing throughout the bible.

What Jesus says about Tithing

Let us address the biggest untruth that any false preacher has ever told; that when Jesus was here on earth He was rich. Jesus was not rich when He walked the earth.

Women Preachers: Are They Ordained of God?

The Bible gives two direct rules concerning women and their ordained positions in the church and several implications to a woman's authority in the gospel, including various concepts that clearly explain a woman's duty to Christ, to the church, and to their family.

Do Good to be Blessed

The world teaches us to look for opportunities that will advance our portion in life. But to those who follow not after the teachings of Christ, they will not see when good comes to them.

Are You in the Herd, Or in the Fold?

As long as we walk in the herd, we will have herd problems. The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches you to leave the herd and walk in the fold. In the fold of God life is much, much different.

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