Rise and Walk in the Spirit

Many believers of God have learned that getting on your knees and going into a deep prayer communion with God summons the presence of the Spirit of God and brings the mind and soul into the realm of heavenly places.

Based on the level of faith of the believer, the praying person can stay in that heavenly place for hours at a time and rise with revelation of life beyond text books or even church services. Prayer in the spirit is a powerful tool while living in this world but being in the Spirit does not have to end when the prayer ends.

Mature believers have learned to stand during the prayer and continue to walk in and with the Spirit. They have learned to harness the power and presence of the Spirit and walked from room to room or go from place to place with that same Spirit in their presence.

They face the world and life in the spirit and continue to receive revelations of life as they live that life day-to-day, moment-to-moment. As a believer, you must learn to walk in the spirit throughout the day and use its power to confront the evils of this world.

Within the realm of the Spirit is more than just peace for oneself, but peace for others, the power to change a situation right in the moment and not in the near future. There is power to heal those who need it right then and not just to have or leave hope for those who need it. In the power and presence of the Spirit, we can do what needs to be done at that moment for us and for others.

We do not have to wait for the afterlife or the miracles of heaven to appear when the end has com. And though we live in the here and now, we can have heaven and all its glory, here and now also.

The scripture says we should be “praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit…” (Ephesians 8:18). This means that when we are on our knees or upon our beds and praying for ourselves and our loved ones and strangers, that we should not stop there but rise up and walk in the Spirit and walk with the power of the Spirit throughout the day.

We can war against powers and principalities, against rulers of the darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places. And we can fight a defeat them daily with God on our side and standing right there with us.

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