Churches Should Have Their Own Businesses

If church leaders truly want to prosper and be notable and prominent leaders in the community, instead of selling the concepts of God they should start their own businesses, independently of the church. They would secure prosperity by serving the community and not by draining members for tithes or conforming to the secular ways of society.

It would be more acceptable to God if churches served the community and the secular world as servants of Christ and at the same time grow in the spiritual aspect of the gospel, separate from the physical, secular aspect. For instance, the church administration could devise a plan to organize a corporation legally aside from the church operation and build a plant to manufacture a commodity.

They could produce and sell a Christian line of clothing or some other needful product instead of producing and selling biblical theories, which are naturally free.  

They could begin a chain of restaurants or maybe erect subdivisions of residential housing or apartment complexes. They could open a few grocery stores within inner-city communities, low-income day cares or affordable Charter schools. So long as the business ventures they operate is away (in miles and theory) from the church mission. Church worship service, (and worship service only) would be at the church. There must be absolutely no selling or distributing from the church.

If preachers are so-called wise men of God, then they should put their minds to work for the community and society and not just for themselves alone. These business ventures would not be a part of the gospel of Christ but a contribution to society. They could then employ not only church members, but other citizens of society also.

If selling the words of God and tax-tithing the people of God to death is the only means by which church leaders can make money, then they are truly poor stewards of God, and not very creative. By capitalizing from the Word of God, church leaders are committing an abomination before God not to mention corrupting the sacredness of His house.

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