The Act of Abortion is a Curse on a Rebellious Nation

God’s will is that humanity be fruitful and multiply and that woman will bring forth children in sorrow. Procreation is a blessing to humanity but when a nation ignores God’s blessing and undermines the value of life, they can expect the consequences, which is depopulation of that nation.

The Second Coming and the End of the World

This is what humanity is in store for as the next time age. Right now, we live in the age of the grace of God

Africa Has Always Been in the Bosom of God

In this study, we are going to reflect on world history and take passages from the Holy Bible that dissect the origin of humanity and the beginning of nations.

Tithing: In the Age of Grace

Tithing in the age of Grace searches each phase of tithing throughout the bible.

Stay Away from New Bible Versions

Many people will argue about the authenticity of the Holy Bible by saying that the current version (King James Version) was tampered with or rewritten by men during that time era and that God’s words were changed or that some books were lost.

Where to Begin Reading in the Bible

It is best for a new believer to start in the New Testament at St. Matthew 1:1 and continue throughout to Revelation.

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