Church Commonality: The Gift of God Ignored and Untaught

When commonality is practiced among a group of Holy Ghost filled believers, God’s power is magnified.

Churches Should Have Their Own Businesses

If preachers are so-called wise men of God, then they should put their minds to work for the community and society and not just for themselves alone.

What Jesus says about Tithing

Let us address the biggest untruth that any false preacher has ever told; that when Jesus was here on earth He was rich. Jesus was not rich when He walked the earth.

Women Preachers: Are They Ordained of God?

The Bible gives two direct rules concerning women and their ordained positions in the church and several implications to a woman's authority in the gospel, including various concepts that clearly explain a woman's duty to Christ, to the church, and to their family.

The Mystery of Marriage

The union of marriage is one of God's oldest and most sacred covenants for humanity and is recognized around the world in every country and culture, even throughout time.

How to know God without Going to Church

Apparently the Christian church has turned off many people and membership is dropping dramatically. Despite this decline, people need to understand that simply because the church has failed God does not mean God has failed people.

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