Once Saved, Never Lost

Common sense says that once a person is born, they cannot be unborn.

Rise and Walk in the Spirit

Mature believers have learned to stand during the prayer and continue to walk in and with the Spirit.

Why Some People Believe They Are Saved, But Are Not

When men begin to make up easier ways of entering the kingdom of God, they begin to err from the truth of the Word.

Do Good to be Blessed

The world teaches us to look for opportunities that will advance our portion in life. But to those who follow not after the teachings of Christ, they will not see when good comes to them.

Are You in the Herd, Or in the Fold?

As long as we walk in the herd, we will have herd problems. The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches you to leave the herd and walk in the fold. In the fold of God life is much, much different.

Spiritual Foods for a Healthy Spiritual Life

There is a natural man and there is a spiritual man. Those born again must eat from the food groups of the Gospel in order to grow and mature in Christ. There are three (3) basic food groups for the spiritual soul:

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