The Second Coming and the End of the World

This is what humanity is in store for as the next time age. Right now, we live in the age of the grace of God

Church Commonality: The Gift of God Ignored and Untaught

When commonality is practiced among a group of Holy Ghost filled believers, God’s power is magnified.

Africa Has Always Been in the Bosom of God

In this study, we are going to reflect on world history and take passages from the Holy Bible that dissect the origin of humanity and the beginning of nations.

Churches Should Have Their Own Businesses

If preachers are so-called wise men of God, then they should put their minds to work for the community and society and not just for themselves alone.

Once Saved, Never Lost

Common sense says that once a person is born, they cannot be unborn.

Rise and Walk in the Spirit

Mature believers have learned to stand during the prayer and continue to walk in and with the Spirit.

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